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Steel Complex & Chaudhri Wires Pvt Ltd

Steel Complex & Chaudhi Wires (Pvt) Ltd are engaged in the manufacturing of a variety of range of ferrous & non-ferrous wire and wire products

We aim to providing best quality products with total compliance & in-accordance to the international standards and specifications and to the utmost satisfaction of the customers with the quality assurance.

Our range for the manufacturing of Ferrous consists of:

  • Steel wire ropes, galvanized & un-galvanized, all constructions.
  • Galvanized steel wires, mild steel, low carbon & medium carbon
  • Core wires for A.C.S.R conductors
  • P.C wires, plain & indented (high carbon steel wires).
  • P.C strands, normal & low relaxation, grade 250 & 270.
  • Our non-ferrous product line includes:
  • Aluminum wire rod E.C grade-
  • All aluminum conductors (A.A.C)
  • Aluminum conductors steel reinforced (A.C.S.R.)