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Supply Chain Management

EGC have a vast experience in handling Supply Chain, we promise to offer CP Feed a comparative supply chain placed at required offer at the best available prices throughout the year. Our advanced supply chain analytics represents an operational shift away from management models built on responding to data. Emerging capabilities in this area introduce a proactive management model specifically linked to feed mills, equipping supply chain professionals with the ability to continually sense and respond as per client needs.

  • EGC facilitates by providing a raw material ‘super-market’ for OEMs in Pakistan
  • Ready availability of required raw material to maximise production and minimise / JIT funding flows:

  • Roles in the Industry:
  • End-2-End Supply Chain
  • Sourcing raw material (including establishing LC etc)
  • Custom Clearance, Transportation , Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Collection Accounts for Customers / Clients
  • Online / Instant Delivery Order System